Umbra Dima, Set of 3, Trio Mirrors Apartment Decor/Wall Art, Copper

Through an unexpected use of hardware and materials, this trio of interchangeable mirrors is bound to make an impact on your walls. Introducing Dima Mirrors by Umbra This trio of mirrors can be hung separately, or in a variety of patterns. If you have an awkward wall or space in your house that needs a touch of decor, the DIMA mirrors make a great solution since they are so highly customizable. Sold as a set of three. Eye Catching Hardware Dima includes all mounting hardware. The hardware itself is part of the decor as the mirrors hang on a chain secured to the wall by a rounded knob, which looks like a charming button. These dainty mirrors look great in an entryway, powder room, bedroom or as part of a gallery wall. For an unexpected take on wall decor, order this trio of dainty mirrors today. About Umbra: A global product design company providing original, modern, casual, functional, and affordable design for the home.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    LOVE, love love!!! Love, love love!!! I wanted to add something ‘different’ to our gallery style collage in our LR and I was so glad to find these mirrors from Umbra. They add a nice modern touch while reflecting light around the room. I agree with other reviews that they look best when hung in a close chevron-like formation as shown in the photo. Because I had a somewhat limited space to play with, I decided to shorten the chains. This made them even more appealing to me, as I hung the knobs almost evenly, (I…

  2. Anonymous says:

    So Pretty! I love these mirrors. They are a great addition to our living room. I’ve had several compliments on them already. We have a pretty large wall, so I purchased three sets. I wish the chain wasn’t so long, but I’ve read that you can shorten the chain (carefully!) with a set of needle nose pliers. The copper color is definitely more pink than anything but I plan to spray paint ours blue. There IS an Umbra logo on the lower corner of one mirror in each set. It doesn’t bother me, especially since we…

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