ROVATE Wall Hanging Aquarium, Arylic 9 Inchs Wall Décor Fish Bowls with Fake Plants + Rock Decoration + Fish Net , Size – Mirror

Why choose From ROVATE?
1.We only use the highest quality raw materials.This fish bowl is made of acrylic, which is stronger than glass and doesn’t easily shatter
2.Wall mount fish bowl. Great choice for those who love to have a pet fish, but don’t have enough countertop or table space to put it. It also weighs less than a glass bowl.
This fish bowl also adds a decorative touch to your wall. Saves counter space and adds a decorative element to your wall. Fill with water, flowers or plants for a fun display.
3.Lifetime Guarantee ,Worry-free guarantee to prove the importance we set on quality. Just remember: Quality first is our tenet.

Package Includes:
Wall Mounted Bowl Fish Tank x 1
The fake plant x 1
The rock decoration x 1 pack
The install the kit x1 pack

How to install:
1. The fish tank should be blisterred 8 to 10 hours to remove the residual glue taste;
2. After the yellow paper is wet, please pull the paper from the edge with the nail;
3. Install the no trace nails or nails on the wall, and the fish tank filled with water hanging on the nail.
4. Only small fish can be raised.It is recommended that this fish tank be used to culture hydroponic plants. For people who loves to have a pet fish, please purchase 12 or 14.2 inch products, fish needs clean environment,
please change the water frequently (about once every three days)to keep the tank clean and put a little salt inside (about 2g) to help the fish grow better. For those who culture plants, adding regular nutrient solution is needed.

If our products have problems, you can always return to us in 30 days. We will fully refund you as long as the product is in new condition.
If you have any questions, please be free to contact with us,we will answer your questions within 24 hours.

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