Light In The Dark Round Mirror Candle Plate Set – Box of 12 Mirror Trays – 12 inch Diameter with Beveled Edge – Round Mirror for Centerpieces, Wall Décor, Crafts

Pack of 12 round mirrors. Size: 12 inch diameter.

A round mirror plate is a great idea how to display your candles including pillar candles, taper and votive candles.

This mirrored candle tray will add a decorative touch to your home as well as keep your candles upright to ensure no wax spills or drips on your floor or surfaces, keeping them protected.

Used as a table centerpieces, perfume or cosmetics trays as well as for a craft projects such as etching, hand painting, and more.

Designed with a Bevel Edge, not only will this candle holder protect your surfaces but it is a great way to reflect the light from your lit candles, to create a dramatic effect in your living space.

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Decorative Cuzcaja Round Mirror For wall 17.7in”Mystic Flowers”- Peruvian Accent Black Mirror – Reverse Painted glass

Beautiful Reverse Painting on Glass in the form of stunning wall mirror. This beautiful cuscaja round mirror has a wooden frame , hand-painted glass decorated with precious flowers on black background and finished with golden purpurin.

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Peruvian Silver Round Mirror 23.6in – Silver wood framed wall mirrors – Bathroom mirror for wall – Decorative Cuzcaja Mirror wall decor

Beautifully handcrafted in Peru. This round mirror “cuscaja” is created entirely by hand using the reverse painted glass style. Decorated with small mirrors are later placed in the wooden frame then covered with silver leaf – truly unique and each is a work of art!

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