Rectangular Wall Mounted Mirror (38″x26″, Silver)

This mirror brings any room together. Large enough for practical use but small enough so as not to overpower the room, this gorgeous mirror works well with many different styles of decor. A baroque silver frame adds an elegant touch to its appearance.

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See All RRO1218 Round Rectangular Glass Outdoor Convex Security Mirror, 18″ Length x 12″ Width (Pack of 1)

The See All round rectangular glass outdoor convex security mirror is a rectangular convex glass mirror with two rounded sides that reflects a wide angle image at a diminished size to extend a field of view to help a person see around obstacles for safety, or monitor a wide area for efficient surveillance. The rounded rectangular shape fits in smaller places than circular mirrors, while providing the same wide angle view. Also, when mounted horizontally, it reflects less glare from the sun or overhead lighting. Glass is scratch resistant, withstands frequent cleaning, and reflects a clear, bright image. The mirror comes with mounting hardware that makes the mirror angle adjustable after installation. This mirror has an ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) backing for resistance to impact and wear, with a vinyl-coated aluminum edge for weather resistance in outdoor applications. Width is measured from the widest points on the rounded sides.


ModelSize and CoverageMounting Hardware Included
RRO121812 x 18″, covers areas up to 15 ft.Single bracket
RRO152415 x 24″, covers areas up to 20 ft.Dual brackets
RRO203020 x 30″, covers areas up to 25 ft.Dual brackets
RRO243624 x 36″, covers areas up to 35 ft.Dual brackets

Mirrors installed with a single bracket can be adjusted to almost any angle. Mirrors installed with dual brackets can be adjusted to a wide range of angles along one axis.

Safety mirrors are used to help increase visibility in a variety of locations; for example, in hallway intersections and sharp turns, and in driveways and loading docks where drivers have to back up or enter traffic. Safety mirrors are sometimes called security mirrors, and they can be used to extend the view of security personnel, or to help monitor factory workers and automated processes to improve quality control and productivity. For convex mirrors, objects will appear to be further away than they are, and will be easier to see in a larger mirror. Depending on visibility conditions and the viewer’s eyesight, objects will usually be recognizable within about 1 ft. of distance (including distance from eye to mirror, and from mirror to object) for each inch in mirror diameter.

See All Industries manufactures safety and security mirrors. The company, founded in 1958, is headquartered in Chicago, IL.

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Wall Mirror Decorative Vanity – Bathroom Rectangular Modern Beveled Frame 20×24″ Black

MODERN DESIGN AND EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: Wall framed mirror with D-ring hangers already attached for easy wall mounting. Hang it in your bedroom, living room or bathroom.

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