Picture Hanging Tool: Hang It Perfect Makes Frame Hanging Simple & Fast!

Hang It Perfect is the most universal, all-in-one, hang & level tool on the market! Bonus: 50 piece hanging hardware set included! No longer do you need mutlitple tools to hang an object on the wall. Hang It Perfect does the work for you and will save you time, money, damaged walls, and the need for a secondary person. It features a built-in ruler, level and marking system so you can install the nail in the correct wall location the first time, every time! Simply hang the frame on the nails and you’re done! Hang It Perfect can also level & hang mirrors, cabinets, shelves and flat screen TV’s. If you are hanging grouped art, Hang It Perfect will not only hang & level both vertical and horizontal groupings, but evenly space them too. To view how-videos, or download a printable instruction PDF, please visit: hangitperfect.com. Notes: Hang It Perfect works for objects up to 36″ wide (frames, mirrors, cabinets, shelves). For flat screen TV’s, Hang It Perfect works with horizontal TV mounts that require a 2-stud installation.

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Bevelled 6X6 Mirror makes A Great Base For Display Or As A Craft Accessory (Pkg/6)

These mirrored bases have a myriad of uses. The edges are finished with an angled bevel giving them a smart, finished look. They are especially suited as coasters for displaying objects or they are suitable for incorporating into craft projects, flower arrangements, scrapbooking projects or as surrounds for craft or art creations. The beveled edge makes it easy and neat to butt them up against each other to cover larger surfaces. The uses are limitless. Measuring 6 inches X 6 inches square, they are a sturdy 5mm thick and the bevel measures approximately 3/8 inches. This offer includes six brand new mirrors. For hundreds more craft, art and hobby products be sure to visit our National Artcraft storefront. We have the creative component you need.

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ZENDORI POSTER ‘Teamwork Makes The Dream Work’ Inspirational Poster for Office 12 x 18 (Blue)


This art quote uses dragon boat racing to imply a very important principle to business success, that is the collaborative TEAMWORK.
The timing, skills, and trust of each dragon boat member are what make a winning team.
When all team members move in unison toward the same goal, a dragon boat is on its ways to winning the trophy and a business is on the path to achieving success.

Zendori Art-the Art of Mindful Living was born out of a passion from a husband and wife team from Atlanta, Georgia who wanted to create art that is meaningful and impactful,
art that can make a positive difference in people’s lives; pieces that are not only beautiful but also inspirational, art that talks.

Message on this unique piece says: “Teamwork makes the Dream Work”, telling us that it is through the efforts of the team that a group can achieve success.
Looking at it will surely inspire the team to work together.
This simple and elegant piece would be a great home or office space poster, giving the team some inspiration and motivate them to stay focused on achieving goals and also boost their morale.

This unique poster will serve as a beautiful reminder for everyone in the group to be cooperative and work in unison to have an effective and efficient team.
Its color, blue, will surely add life to your home or office. It is shipped in a thick and strong white envelope for extra added protection. This is an ORIGINAL and AUTHENTIC piece made in the USA.
This piece is also available in Wood Art, please search in Amazon: B01IWXPN3U

Can be a great gift idea in addition to other giftable items such as John Maxwell’s ‘The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork: Embrace Them and Empower Your Team’

Be inspired starting TODAY! Grab this beautiful poster for you or send it as a gift! Add to cart while stock lasts!

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