Picture Hangers, 160 Pcs Metal Photo Frame Hanging Kit Picture Mount Holder Hook with Nails & Screws & Cleaning Cloth Gift

Has various size of photo or painting to hang on the wall? Want to set a heavy hanging clock in your living room or hang a mirror on your bedroom? Never need to worry about the ugly hole and rusty nail on the wall from now on. This tnyker picture hangers sets offer you perfect solution.

1.Offer various size of hooks, which can support weight ranging from 10 to 100 lbs.
2.Has extra 10 sets of D-shaped ring hangers and 10 sets of sawtooth hangers for special situation.
3.Strong but thin nail, it just leaves small pin hole on the wall after you remove it.
4.Durable and rust-resistant.
5.Free Gift. We offer 2 pcs of microfiber cleaning bloth as gift for you. It’s used for cleaning glass of your picture frame, it’s also can clean your eyeglasses.

Picture Hook Hangers, 160 Pcs Metal Photo Frame Hanging Kit Picture Mount Holder with Nails & Screws & Cleaning Cloth Gift

Package includes 160 Pieces:
10x 10lb Hanger
10x 20lb Hanger
10x 30lb Hanger
5x 50lb Hanger
5x 75lb Hanger
5x 100lb Hanger
10x D Ring Hanger
10x Sawtooth Hanger
20x Concrete Nail
45x Head Nail
10x Screw for D Ring Hanger
20x Screw for Sawtooth Hanger
free gift 2x Gift microfiber cleaning cloth

Material: Carbon Steel
Finish: Brass Plated
Color: Golden,Silver

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Silverwood Eloise Square Wall Mirror with Decorative Metal Frame, Gunmetal Gray

Add light and charm to your empty wall space with this decorative square wall mirror. The square metal frame features a quatrefoil cutout overlay that adds decorative interest to the mirror. The classic matte Gunmetal finish is sure to complement any style of decor. Open up a small space or create an instant vanity area using this mirror. OR, add it to a collection of other mirrors and art for a customized gallery wall. Mounting anchors and screws are included. Please use anchors when mounting to drywall.

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Kate and Laurel – Hutton Round Decorative Wood Frame Wall Mirror, 30 Inch Diameter, Natural Rustic Brown

Mirrors are a great way to open up space and bring lightness to any room, but beyond that, they are a fantastic way to add style and finesse as well. Not only can they be used as a much-needed accessory and fun to decorate with, but with a bit of imagination, they can become a real focal point of your home. With the round shape of the Kate and Laurel – Hutton Mirror, function never looked so fashionable. The gorgeous wood frame has a smooth, sturdy appearance creating a modern take on an art deco design. Used on its own or in combination with your other home decor items, the Hutton mirror is sure to fit in with your best look, creating an eye-catching display of pure inspiration. The shape will be a great way to break up the straight lines of a gallery display or just the right size for a smaller wall space. Hang directly above a sink, making it just perfect as a simple vanity. The outside diameter of this round mirror is 30 inches x 2.0 inches deep. The actual mirror is 28.5 inches in diameter. Two hangers come installed on the back and are elbow D-Ring type with a wire in between them, which will keep the mirror flat and secure.

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