Fotosnow Self Adhesive Hooks Heavy Duty Wall Hooks Stainless Steel Closets, Coat, Hat,Towel Robe Hook Rack Wall Mount for Bathroom and Bedroom 4-packs

Color:4 Pack Heavy Duty Adhesive Hooks

Fotosnow Heavy Duty self-adhesive hook makes this stainless steel hook stick to surfaces strongly and stably.

How to use hook:

1.Easy to install, just peel off the protective layer in the back and stick it on the desired position (must be smooth surface ,like ceramic tile, metal surface ,glasses, etc.).

2.Press the hook from center to the edge

3.Super power to hold heavy things,advance adsorb principle make the hook can bear to 15 Lb

4.Recommended to leave it on 24 hours before hanging any objects 



This hook can install on smooth surface (Like Tile ,Board , Glass ,Non-paint walls ,Metal Surface ,Frosted Glass , Ceramic and any other hard flat surface.)

Widely used in kitchen and bathroom, can hanging cooking tools, towel, coat, robe, key,clothes,hat etc.


Material: Brushed Stainless Steel

Back: Powerful 3M self-adhesive 

Color: Silver


Package Included:

4 pcs Adhesive hooks

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Hangman Z-Hanger Heavy Duty Mirror, Picture and Panel Hanger -Aluminum: Z-12-2

The 12-Inch Z-hanger is a simple, two bracket assembly that locks together. One bracket is secured on the wall while the other bracket is secured on the object to be hung. Holes are punched 4-Inch on center.

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Adhesive Hooks(13.2lb/6kg) Sticky Wall Hooks Transparent Plastic Reusable Heavy Duty Hook for Kitchen Bathroom Office No Trace No Scratch Waterproof and Oilproof (12)

Nail Damaging the Wall
Adhesion Not Durable and Residue
Inferior Quality,Not Durable and Not Good Smell
Not water-proof and Easy to mold

You just need such a durable adhesive hook to get rid of trouble.
These hooks are viscous and firm with super load bearing property.It is quite safe and environmentally friendly to use these hooks without leaving glue marks on walls.More convenience for your life!

Installation method:
1.Clean the wall before use.
2.Tear off the back of the protective film and protect the film well.
3.When pressing the hook from the center to the periphery,the internal air is completely excluded.
4.12 hours after hanging weight effect is better.
5.Washing the adhesive surface by water if it is dirty.but do not touch it by hand,then use again when it dry naturally.

Disassembly method:
1.Gently open the hook edge.
2.Slowly tear off the hook.
3.Do not directly pull the hook to remove.
4.Long time when not in use,please use a protective so that the next use.

1.Do not stick on the surface of water,dust,oil,wax.Please clean the adhesive surface with water if it has dust covered before reposition the hook.
2.Do not hang valuable and fragile items.
3.Do not use near high temperature.
4.Please do not use it on painted wall.
5.Normally on the smooth tile surface, this hook can hold up to 13.2lb/6kg. But we’d like to suggest no more than 8.8lb/4kg for hoilding a long time.

Risk free! You will get our lifetime warranty! Order it now!

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