Alrens_DIY(TM)20x20cm 3 pcs Wave Squares Pattern DIY Mirror Effect Reflective 3D Wall Stickers Home Decoration Living Room Bedroom Bathroom Coffee House Bar Decor Mural Decal adesivo de parede Removable Kid’s Room Design Art (Gold)

Notice:This is DIY product,according renderings (or your own ideas), paste in your favorite place.

Package Include: 1 x mirror sticker

Our decal stickers are made from the best acrylic in the industry.
They can last for many years without peeling or fading. Our decal stickers are no harm to the environment and health.

Installation prompt:
1. Please keep the wall clean before pasting.
2.First according to the template on the ground, put the product well.
3.Suggest to take a small piece of component test whether suitable for metope.
4.This product can be used again and again, please use another binding to cooperate when you use again.
5. Press firmly to squeeze out any air bubbles.

Don’t: Ash surface, Broken surface,uneven surface
Do:Clean smooth wall,tiles,windows,smooth wallpaper,closets,plastic.

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ThinkTop Luxury Solid Brass Chrome Finished Towel Bar Rack Towel Ring,Square Design Mirror Polished Wall Mounted Bathroom Accessories

Specification: 195*120*53mm (7.67*4.72*2.08Inch)
Material: Solid Brass
finished: Chrome
Style: Mirror Polishing
Net weight: 428g

RUSTPROOF: Construted of solid brass, 9 layers high-precision electroplate to protect against corrosion & rust, passed 24-hours Salt Spray Test high standard of corrosion resistance,will never rust or corrode.
Ideal for use in bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets.
All hardware required for installation is included.

Contemporary Style£ºSimple, aesthetic and elegant-designed.
Mirror Polishing for a modern look.
Chamfering Edge: SAFE, ensure you are safe in your bashroom.
No trace, internal installation, appearance can’t see the screw, more beautiful and elegant.

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Funwill DIY Large Acrylic Mirror Wall Clock 3D Numbers Design Sticker for Living Room Fashion Clock Home Decor Art Gift (Sliver)

✦Please Note:

1. AA carbon batteries required for operation (not included).

2. When placing the minute hand and the hour hand into the centerpiece, align them towards 12 o’clock.

3. Don’t tune the time using your hands, it might impair the clock mechanism. There are control buttons on the back of the centerpiece, please use them.

✦How to Install:

Step 1: Nail a hook into the wall.

Step 2: Hang the clock plate on the hook.

Step 3: Hang the paper scale on the clock plate.

Step 4: Use the included ruler to mark the number position on the wall.

Step 5: Peel off the paper from the back of the shiny acrylic number, then place the number on the black EVA number.

Step 6: Peel off the paper on the back of the black EVA. Fit with the corresponding position.

Step 7: Repeat steps 5 & 6 until all numbers are in their corresponding position.

Step 8: Place the hour hand into the clock plate in the 12 o’clock position. Attach the minute hand in the same position.

Step 9: Tighten the nuts.

Step 10: Install an AA carbon battery, set to the correct time and hang back on the hook. The wall clock is now complete.


Clock (normal configuration as shown in the pictures): 39″ x 39″

Minute hand: 15.4″

Hour hand: 12.2″

Centerpiece: 4.7″

Color: Silver

Power Supply: 1 x AA Battery (Not included)

✦Package Included:

1 x DIY CoZroom Wall Clock Kit

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