Decorative Cuzcaja Round Mirror For wall 17.7in”Mystic Flowers”- Peruvian Accent Black Mirror – Reverse Painted glass

Beautiful Reverse Painting on Glass in the form of stunning wall mirror. This beautiful cuscaja round mirror has a wooden frame , hand-painted glass decorated with precious flowers on black background and finished with golden purpurin.

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Peruvian Silver Round Mirror 23.6in – Silver wood framed wall mirrors – Bathroom mirror for wall – Decorative Cuzcaja Mirror wall decor

Beautifully handcrafted in Peru. This round mirror “cuscaja” is created entirely by hand using the reverse painted glass style. Decorated with small mirrors are later placed in the wooden frame then covered with silver leaf – truly unique and each is a work of art!

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Reflective Mirror Mosaic Square Decorative Wall Stickers 32 Pieces – Easy to Set up Removable Substitute Mirror – Stick to Anywhere (1 MM Thick)

These 1mm and 2mm stickers are newly designed stickers made of high quality acrylic material considering the response and feedback of our customers, these are more durable than 0.1mm and 0.2mm sticker sheet and moreover you will find them as perfect alternative of mirror. Great to use in bathroom, shower etc. they are waterproof so no need to worry about it. And from our trial use of these stickers we found 1mm size perfect to use as mirror, not too thin and not too thick. If you want more thickness then it is advised to buy 2mm. 1mm and 2mm both give you perfect mirror reflection.

We have uploaded real photos of 1mm mirror stickers to show the real result of the product. Two photos has been taken from mobile phone and others are from high resolution camera to show the actual reality of the product.

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