HobbitHoleCo Beveled Hanging Wall Decorative Mirror with Brown Wash Frame, 30-Inch by 43-Inch

The mirror is desgned and produced in Canada. It is made by real wood and the structure shows a unqiue industrial and contemporary looking. The mirror stands out as an aesthetically beautiful work deocration for your home.

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Wonderpark Decorative DIY Modern Style Square Mirror Wall Clock Sticker Black Gift Living Room Home Decor


Material: PS plastic
Thickness: 1mm
Wall stickers is three-dimensional mirror, PS mirror material can not roll off, Please be sure to stick well and then tear the protective film later!
Note: All mirror stickers will ship with the free Glue as the bubble gum , if you don’t like this glue , you can also buy the removable glue by yourself!
Easy to install:
Assemble the included Clock and Dial parts
Peel and stick over wall/glass (any smooth surface)
Can be used anywhere you want (bedroom, living room, child room)

Installation prompt:
1.Please keep the wall clean before pasting.
2.First according to the template on the ground, put the product well.
3.Suggst to take a small piece of component test whether suitable for metope.
4.This product can be used again and again, please use another binding to cooperate when you use again.
5.Press firmly to squeeze out any air bubbles.

Package included:
1 x DIY Mirror Wall Clock
Power: 1 * AA battery (not included)

Mirror features:
lightweight, You can use our easy distribution of double-sided adhesive fixed.
toxic pollution, waterproof, anti-corrosion.
As clear three decorative mirrors, and mirrors. Near and mirrors exactly the same distance (2 meters) of objects will be very slight blur. Can achieve the perfect decorative effect.

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Decorative Wall Mirrors, Unique Contemporary Art Grand Etched White Wall Mirror

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