MONOINSIDE® Small Framed Rectangular Wall Mount Mirror, Gold Colored Plastic Frame, 12” x 10” Inches

The Wall Mounted Mirror That Looks Just Right On Any Wall!

Are you sick and tired of having to carry heavy mirrors every time you move to another location? Would you like a decorative mirror that is fairly durable, light and easy on the eyes?

We are more than happy to offer you a hanging, wall mounted mirror which demonstrates how simplicity carried to an extreme becomes ELEGANCE!

Presenting The Gold Framed Wall Mount Mirror By MONOINSIDE

The gold colored frame around this mirror can make a subtle and quiet statement in your interior or even exterior décor while adding a classy touch to its surroundings. To be honest however, until you witness what this mirror looks like in person, there’s no way to get the big picture! Literally!

When Affordability Meets Simplicity!

Whether you are a college student or simply someone with no permanent housing solution, you can now pamper your place with a quick decorative furniture at the most affordable price. Its great reflective quality and plastic frame puts this wall mirror into your shopping list. It is lightweight and easily portable from room to room and house to house! Plus, it perfectly fits the decoration of any bathroom, entrance hall or any other room of your house!

Love It Or Your Money Back!

Make this hanging mirror yours today and if you don’t immediately love it, simply get in touch with us and take advantage of our 30-day refund guarantee!

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Self-Adhesive Real Glass Mirror Mosaic Tile Craft ,Colored Mini Square Mirrors Mosaic Tiles (Light Rose Gold)

Glass Mirror Tile
Package: Mirror Mosaic Tiles x1
ItemSpecifications: Color:Light Rose Gold Mirror Size:11.8 x 11.8 inch(30x30cm) Mirror chips size:5x5mm

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MONOINSIDE® Small Round Framed Wall Mount Glass Mirror, Retro Design, Distressed Gold Colored Plastic Circular Frame, 10.25” in Diameter

The Wall Mirror That Adds Taste and Atmosphere To Any Room of Your Choice

Is your wall feeling a little empty? Are you looking for that missing piece to complete your home décor collection?

Introducing The Round Wall Mount Mirror with A Fine Mixture of Modern and Vintage Elegance

Decorative mirrors are an ideal way to add a feature to an empty wall. Mount it alongside other decorative pieces such as picture frames and wall clocks for a more complete combo. This round wall mirror is also for you if you are looking to brighten up a dark room. Just hang on a wall opposite to a window and the light will reflect around the room, making it much brighter.

A Welcomed Retro Design

Let your taste of décor be known to your friends and those around you. The brushed gold finish adds an antique feel to a modern mirror design. Hang in a hall way so you can check your hair and makeup on the way out of the door or hang in the living room or dining room as a decorative piece. The mirror is a fashionable addition to a bedroom, vanity table, bathroom or even a home studio. However, keep the use to indoors only.

A Glass Mirror with A Lightweight Plastic Frame

By using plastic as a frame, we have been able to keep our mirror for the home lightweight. The center of the mirror is made using glass, giving it a slick, smooth and stable reflective property. As for mounting, trouble should not be in the equation. It can hang perfectly thanks to the hook attached to the back.

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