Glass Color Gloss Modern Framed Round Wall Mirror 31.inch X 31.inch (Light Gray)

Gloss round wall mirror is available in four color options: Graphite Gray is also available in Deep Brown, Deep Black and Light Brown.

Mirror is attached to high quality painted glass panel that has high gloss finish which allows to acquire a reach and bright look.

High Gloss Painted Float Glass also known as Lacobel is widely used for world’s famous boutique interior designs so you can easily get this piece of luxury mirror to your home.

Durable and high-quality materials ensuring original appearance for years.

Our manufacturing process and industrial paint application guarantees perfect glass paint adhering which is a key factor of high quality glass:

– Easy to clean;

– Scratch, Water, Humidity resistant.

Great for gifting. An ideal gift, it’s perfect to celebrate birthdays, weddings and more.

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Round Sunburst Wall Mirror Handmade Wooden Special Walnut Color 22″

12″ mirror 22 in diameter Handmade Wooden Special Walnut stain color Hardware included Easy to hang

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Sunburst Wall Mirror Round Handmade Wood Frame Sail Blue Color 32″

16″ beveled edge mirror 32″ in diameter Wood frame Handmade Ready to hang Sail Blue color. Made to order

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