See All N12 Circular Glass Indoor Convex Security Mirror, 12″ Diameter (Pack of 1)

The See All circular glass indoor convex security mirror is a circular, convex, glass mirror that reflects a wide angle image at a diminished size to extend a field of view to help a person see around obstacles for safety, or monitor a wide area for efficient surveillance. Glass is scratch resistant, withstands frequent cleaning, and reflects a clear, bright image. The mirror comes with a swivel mounting bracket that makes the mirror adjustable to a wide range of angles. It has a tempered hardboard backing for good strength-to-weight ratio in indoor applications. Tempered hardboard is a high-density fiberboard that has been coated with linseed oil and then baked to increase its water resistance, rigidity, and tensile strength.


ModelSize and CoverageMounting Hardware Included
NO1212″ diameter, covers small areas and spot applicationsSingle bracket
NO1818″ diameter, covers areas up to 15 ft.Single bracket
NO2626″ diameter, covers areas up to 20 ft.Single bracket
NO3030″ diameter, covers areas up to 25 ft.Single bracket
NO3636″ diameter, covers areas up to 35 ft.Single bracket

Safety mirrors are used to help increase visibility in a variety of locations; for example, in hallway intersections and sharp turns, and in driveways and loading docks where drivers have to back up or enter traffic. Safety mirrors are sometimes called security mirrors, and they can be used to extend the view of security personnel, or to help monitor factory workers and automated processes to improve quality control and productivity. For convex mirrors, objects will appear to be further away than they are, and will be easier to see in a larger mirror. Depending on visibility conditions and the viewer’s eyesight, objects will usually be recognizable within about 1 ft. of distance (including distance from eye to mirror, and from mirror to object) for each inch in mirror diameter.

See All Industries manufactures safety and security mirrors. The company, founded in 1958, is headquartered in Chicago, IL.

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Majestic Circular Shaped Hanging Wall Mirror

Change up the look of your room with the Majestic Circular Shaped Hanging Wall Mirror. This round wall mirror features a wood grain design and a black finish. The simple and classic design will harmonize with your decor. Dimensions: 24 diam. in.. Resin, acrylic, and polyurethane construction. Black finish. Wood grain design. Multiple orientations.

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Christopher Knight Home 298215 Elaina Circular Wall Mirror, Clear

Enjoy this mirror in any room in your home. Its stylish frame gives it that little something extra that makes the mirror pop, as opposed to simple mirrors that just hang on your wall. Enjoy not only admiring this mirror, but the reflection looking back at you as well. There might just be a little magic there after all.

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