Large Luxury Elegant Framed Wall Mirror with Angled Beveled Mirror Frame, Vanity, Entryway, Bedroom, or Bathroom Mirror, Square (22″ x 22″)

This elegant mirror is framed in a polished, wide beveled mirrored frame, for a unique and chic solution for any bathroom, entryway or mantel. The mirrored edge, installed at a thoughtful angle, will reflect light in different directions, adding an unusual, yet pleasing, aesthetic. As with all mirrors, this one will add depth and make your space look bigger too. Hence, it will be perfectly at home in an office, a dining room, or a living room as well.

Sold in three different sizes, and two shapes (rectangle and square), this mirror is sure to find its home on your walls. The high-quality glass is easy to clean with standard glass cleaner, while the backing is made of MDF, which ensures outstanding performance in challenging conditions, such as those of a high humidity environment. The whole construction is sturdy and additionally secured by a ready to hang stainless steel hardware.

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Beautify Hexagon Wall Mirror Decorative Vanity Mirror with Hanging Chain and Brass Finish for Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom and Dining Room 12-Inch

Get the hang of home décor. They say the finishing touches can make all the difference, and that’s definitely the case with this hexagonal mirror. Don’t be fooled by its modest size, this mirror can certainly make an impact. Mirror montage. The Hexagon Mirror will stand out in hallways, bedrooms & dressing rooms on its own, but if you want to create a true focal point, combine a handful to create a stunning honeycomb effect or mirror montage. Give them something to reflect on. What better than a gift that’ll have them remembering how wonderful you are every time they see it? This timeless mirror is sure to take center stage wherever it’s positioned.

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Hanging Oval Wall Mirror in Bathroom & Bedroom – Bamboo Frame & Leather Strap (Bamboo, 17-3/4″)

Oval Wall Mirror for Bathroom & Bedroom

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