3X Magnified Premium Modern Rectangle Vanity Makeup Mirror 100% Guarantee | Portable Polished Chrome Contemporary Finish | Adjustable Easy Positioning | Best Luxury Quality Magnifying Beauty Mirror

Our original design, streamlined, solid-core construction, contemporary tabletop mirror is the perfect accessory for any bathroom, changing room, closet, or vanity. Commercial grade quality makes our mirror a favorite of 5 star hotels and luxury boutique hotels around the world. The contemporary lines are clean and sophisticated yet neutral enough to work in a variety of design aesthetics. Our adjustable swivel rectangular mirror face measures 5.25 inches wide by 8.5 inches high. The base of the mirror is 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches. The overall height of the entire mirror is 12 inches with the bottom of the mirror starting at 4.5 inches from the base. The mirror tilts and swivels on a firm ball and socket joint with a minimalist looking adjusting bar. Turn the bar 90 degrees to use the magnified reflection in a wide format. The mirror is a perfect portable frameless design. The square mirror base includes rubber bumpers to protect your countertop from scratches or marks while providing a stable, sturdy base. Resistant to scratches and finger prints, the polished stainless steel finish works with contemporary, traditional, transitional, deco, eclectic and shabby chic design. USA Company with 3 Generations of Family Values.

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Hamilton Hills Large Pivot Rectangle Mirror With Polished Chrome Wall Anchors | Silver Backed Adjustable Moving & Tilting Wall Mirror |  24″ x 36″ Inches

Our simple large 24″ by 36″ rectangle beveled mirror is perfect for hundreds of styles and locations. Whether you are looking for a bathroom or powder room mirror or something in your dining or living room, our rectangular beveled plate glass mirror is the perfect solution. Our beveled mirror suspends from two polished chrome brackets that mount to the wall and can by hung both vertically or horizontally (portrait or landscape). The large rectangular portion is surrounded by a simple 1/2″ inch beveled portion to add some flair. The backing has a security vinyl to add stability and protection. We stand by our products and your happiness with a 100% money back guarantee. USA Company with 3 Generations of Family Values.

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12″ Convex Safety and Security Mirror – Fully Adjustable Indoor Outdoor Curved Corner Mirror – Instantly See Your Blind Spots at Home, Driveway, Traffic, Offices and Stores

The Gardaco Convex Security Mirror is the perfect tool for home and business safety, extending your field of view to monitor a wide area for efficient surveillance.

The unique 12″ CONVEX SECURITY MIRROR mounting bracket can be fixed to a solid wall or wooden post and adjusted to your preferred position.

A 130-degree angle image reflection will give an overhead view of driveways, obstacles and blind spots for safety.

The acrylic mirror is scratch and shatter resistant, weighs less than glass, and reflects a clear, bright image.

Convex Security mirrors can be used for safety by increasing visibility in a variety of locations;
Hallway Intersections
Sharp Turns
Driveways and Garages
Loading Docks
To Enter Traffic
To Extend The View Of Security Personnel
Monitor Factory Workers
Improve Quality Control

Objects in a Convex mirror will appear to be further away than they are.

Box includes:
1 x 12-inch Acrylic Convex Security Mirror
1 x Bracket
4 x Anchor Sleeve Screws
4 x Woodscrews

Installation Instructions

Mark and drill 4x holes using a 5/16″ drill bit.
Insert the assembled anchor sleeve into the hose x4, if necessary use a hammer.
To attach the bracket: unscrew nuts and washers, align the bracket holes to the screws and replace nuts & washers.
Using an open-ended wrench, tighten the nuts to secure the bracket.

Attach the bracket to the wooden surface using the wood screw.

To attach the mirror use the steel nut and washers.
Finally, position the mirror as desired and your convex mirror is ready to use.

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