Round Glass Mirror 9-Inch, Bulk

Mirrors are fantastic decor items: their ability to coordinate with all color schemes and turn a simple vase of flowers or pillar candle into a show piece by serving as a drip plate. Use for centerpieces, as an ice pond in your holiday village, as a candle wax drip plate, and much more! This package contains one 9 inch round mirror. Imported.

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  1. John F. Peters says:

    Great for crafting Like the title says, this really is the perfect mirror for crafting. They are light weight, and pretty cheap so if for some reason maybe you mess up in your crafting you didn’t have to spend an arm and & leg to replace it.I didn’t expect this to be the best mirror in the world, I mean for around $10 no one would. So when I received it scratched I wasn’t surprised. Luckily I was able to exchange it with another one which was just as light weight and everything.I am giving…

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