D Ring Picture Hangers with Screws – Pro Quality d-rings – 100 Pack – Picture Hang Solutions

Heavy Duty D-Ring Picture hangers or strap hangers are steel ring hangers held by a doubled over steel strap. Our D-Rings have the most inside wire/ring wrapped around the strap which makes this heavy duty picture hanger stronger than others. One screw hole to securely attach the picture hanger to a wood picture frame or wood project.

D-Ring hangers can be used with wire by placing two on the back of a frame. Or you can use d-rings without wire and using the ring itself to hang on a hook or screw on the wall.

Strap hangers come in many sizes and finding the correct size strap hanger for your wood frame is important. You can see the detailed measurements for the d-ring hanger in the photos. The hanging hardware includes #6 x 1/2 inch screws which are pan head sheet metal screws with a combo slotted/Phillips top.

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Kate and Laurel Boardwalk Square Framed Beveled Wall Mirror 26.5×26.5 inches, White

A beautiful enhancement to your home, a mirror not only enhances the space but adds style and light. Tastefully designed with functionality in mind the Boardwalk square mirror by Kate and Laurel is an essential tool for your home decorating. At 26.5 x 26.5 inches framed it’s the perfect size to add a stylish touch to a hallway bedroom or living room. The water-resistant material makes it a perfect choice for your bathroom either as wall art or a practical vanity mirror. Place two on adjacent walls for opening up the space in a smaller room. The large profile frame is 3.5 inches wide and the beveled mirror at 19.5 x 19.5 inches not only adds class but also reflects light off it, brightening up any space.

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100 lb Picture Hangers Hooks with Nails – 10 Pack

The most conventional and functional picture hanging hook works well on drywall (Sheetrock) since it does not need to be in a wall stud to be effective. This picture hook will support a maximum of 100 pounds. This is a large and extra strong picture hanging hook. The bottom end of the hook stands off the wall a full 1/2 inch.

Using two picture hooks in the wall is a good practice since it will help keep the picture straighter and distribute the weight evenly. When using two hooks to hang a picture, space them apart on the wall at a distance equal to one third of the width of the frame.

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