JiBen Flexible Gooseneck LED Lighted 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror with Power Locking Suction Cup, Bright Diffused Light and 360 Degree Swivel, Portable Cordless Travel and Home Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Why choose JiBen LED Makeup Mirror?
1) SPACE SAVER – Our mirror takes up zero precious counter space. Attached it to your existing mirrors or any surface that is smooth, non-porous and flat.
2) CORDLESS & PORTABLE – No more dealing with messy cords and searching for an outlet. The rotating arm folds up compactly and neatly. It’s ideal for home and travel.
3) MODERN DESIGN – Unlike our competitors that have bulky battery compartment in the back, our mirror holds 3 AAA batteries inside the mirror’s casing. This results in a sleek and elegant look.
4) NATURAL DAYLIGHT LEDs – Longer lasting and brighter than conventional incandescent bulbs. Our mirror diffuses the light from 14 LEDs to illuminate your face.

Prior to mounting, clean surface with soap and water. Any dust or grime will prevent proper contact with the suction cup.

Your mirror uses a powerful locking suction cup. Make sure that the suction lock is not already engaged by twisting it counter-clockwise. Press the suction lock against the surface and activate the locking mechanism by twisting clockwise. Adding a little bit of moisture will also help to create a stronger suction.

*JiBen LED Makeup Mirror requires a clean, flat and smooth surface of at least 3″X3″ for the suction cup to work properly.
*The suction cup works best on non-porous surfaces, such as glass, ceramic tiles, porcelain, marble, granite and fiberglass.
*Avoid grout, stucco, drywall, wallpaper and other textured wall.
*Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).
*NOTE : This magnifying mirror requires your face to be within 5 inches for a clear undistorted image.

**Factory Warranty for this product is only available from authorized seller EPY LLC**

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  1. Anonymous says:

    10x Magnification is more than you think it is! I ordered this for my mom, who sent me this to post on her behalf! 😂“I bought this mirror really for the light & mounting ability not paying too much mind to the magnification.This mirror is 10x magnification. For those who arent sure what that means, you can see inside your millions of pores. I installed it easily and then immediately gave myself a facial because i was so traumatized lolIt is a good purchase and it does what i need it to do. I even wish it…

  2. Anonymous says:

    🤡&🤪&🤦‍♀️=🤬 OR💄&👁&👄=👸💃 I am 58 years old!! The reason I’m saying that is….WHERE THE H*** HAS THIS MIRROR BEEN ALL MYLIFE????? SERIOUSLY!! Skip the coffee, don’t eat out, pack the kids lunch for a week, forget your mother-in-laws birthday(never your Mom’s 😉 but buy this mirror! Cause once you put it on your Existing mirror in your bathroom your gonna think “that ol’ broad was right!” Its so easy to attach! You literally just turn the bottom piece! If Cleopatra would have had this Mirror, Julius Ceasar…

  3. Anonymous says:

    buy now dont waste time shopping around Awesome LED magnifying mirror!!!! Stop shopping around for a lighted magnifying mirror and just buy this one! I should’ve gotten this years ago, no more bending in my regular magnified mirror trying to angle myself against the light in the right way to get the best view. This mirror is simple, easy to use, gets the job done. light is nice and bright for teasing facial hair, magnified so you can see every detail, cant wait to use it for makeup. Good suction on the bathroom mirror, even after…

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