Infinity Instruments Shabby Chic-Country Mosaic, 27.5 x 19.75

Shabby chic or rustic is one of the most popular decor trends that have been ongoing for the past many years. It never gets old to see beautifully distressed furniture in varied hues that seem to have a personality all of its own. What also makes this style so popular is that is easy to create shabby chic home decor using affordable DIY ideas, which is sure to add your own personal touch to lifeless furniture. Take the style quotient of your living space notches higher with our range of gorgeous shabby chic mirrors! there is something for everyone’s tastes with 4 variants for you to choose from. These gently distressed mirrors are 27.5 inches and rectangle in shape. Blue and turquoise hued with eye-catching patterns in all four corners, the Country Mosaic mirror is a great addition to any room. Build your new space that is beautiful, functional and above all comfortable.

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  1. Marian Allen says:

    Beautiful, Sturdy Mirror This mirror is beautiful and, as others stated, what looks like a wood frame in online pictures is actually a design under glass, which makes it even prettier (I think) than if it was real wood. The “frame” looks like it was probably imprinted onto the back side of the mirror somehow. I had it propped up on a table at one point, and I guess I hadn’t been careful enough about placement, and it fell off onto the floor. It didn’t break or even chip! The mirror itself is of good…

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