HAUSCHEN 32×40 inch LED Lighted Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror with High Lumen+CRI>90 Adjustable Warm White/Daylight Lights+Anti Fog+Dimmable Memory Touch Button+IP44 Waterproof+Vertical & Horizontal

With smart touch control design, it becomes very simply to turn on/off the light and adjust the brightness by touching the sensor switch on the mirror. 

Excellent LED back light, CRI 90 and maximum 6680 lumens, brings super bright illumination in your bathroom, even no need any more lighting. The light is available to be adjusted on three levels 20% – 60% -100% of brightness, also you can select 3000K warm white or 5500K daylight as you need. Comfortable visual lighting, no flicker, no UV.

The anti-fog function will take you a bright mirror, you no need to worry about your mirror shrouded by steam, anti-fog function will be automatically enabled when the mirror light is turned on.

You can according your preference to choose the horizontal or vertical hanging.

Copper- free silver mirror, environmental friendly, much less corrosion rate compared with normal silver mirrors used by most brands.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very nice – but lights do NOT turn on via wall switch, only mirror button. It’s well made, and works as advertised, with one exception. It can *not* be the only light (“even no need any more lighting”), unless you are willing to risk stumbling across a dark room to push the button on the mirror.I liked so much about it – the even lighting around the perimeter (no shadows), the choice of warm white/cool white, the dimmer function, being able to hang it in either orientation – but I needed it to work from the wall switch at the door, and it doesn’t…

  2. Anonymous says:

    True 3000k ! Great mirror ! It’s UL certified, well constructed, true 3000k and the light doesn’t leak from the back, just the edges, which is exactly what I was looking for. Went through all the options on Amazon before settling on this one. I was hoping that the 3000k would be a warm white, not a white imitation that looks blue at full power, but this one is the real deal and even dims to a warm natural temperature, I of course, also have the option of changing it to that blue light if the mood strikes…

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