GURUN 8 Inches LED Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror with 7x Magnification, Double Sided 360 Degree Swivel Chrome Finish (IBOSD,7x)




PROCESS:Chrome Finish


1.the durable material is BRASS you can hardly break, a mirror for dozens of years of use.

2.The wall mount mirror is an elegant design which has infinitely variable SWIVEL,FOLDABLE function.

which has double sides, one side is a standard mirror and the other side is a 7X MAGNIFYING mirror, enables great convenience for you to look into details to make things right

3.No more bulb replacements – comes with a long lasting built-in 50 PIECES LEDS STRIP

4.The halo light design around the perimeter of the mirror,you can turn on /off if necessary.

5.The arm is up to 11 inches, can be extended according to your needed.

6.Power Cord length is 5ft and you could cut it to HARDWIRE when you don’t like plug.

6.Easy to install comes complete with screw fixings.

Friendly tips:

In order to look into the magnifying mirror pleasantly, the distance between you and mirrors is better not more than 15cm with 3x or 5x magnification

mirrors. About 7x magnifying mirrors,we propose that do not more than 10cm. It is recommended that the distance with 10x mirrors ideally

not exceeding 3cm.The design of mirror with magnification to more clearly in our face,so MORE CLOSELY MORE CLEARLY.


Please kindly note the LED light is not designed for a lamp use, it only provides a more brightness view for your makeup, So make up mirrors should be used WITH the aid of other ROOM LIGHTING.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bright enough but caution when leveling the arm. Installation is simple but don’t trust the levelness of the mounting holes. I made sure that the mounting plate was perfectly level, only to discover that the part that attaches the arm allows enough movement for the arm and the mirror to sag slightly. It’s only a little off-level, but that is annoying and could be prevented by a stronger attachment of the arm to the mounting.Overall, I’m still pleased with this lighted mirror. The mirrors are very clear and the light is bright enough for…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t stay upright Very disappointed with this mirror and the sellers. After installing it, I realized the actual mirror portion won’t stay upright – it falls to almost a horizontal position. I contacted the seller and asked if I could exchange it – I understand that occasionally you get a dud. But instead of being willing to exchange it, the seller told me either 1) bend the bracket (which won’t fix the problem because the wall piece is secure, it’s the actual mirror and supports on the left and right sides that…

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