GURUN 8.5 Inch LED Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirrors with 10x Magnification,Chrome M1809D(8.5in,10x)

1.Led light makes you look the same in daylight as you do putting your makeup on

2.The wall mount mirror is an elegant design which has infinitely variable SWIVEL,FOLDABLE function.

which has double sides, one side is a standard mirror and the other side is a 10X MAGNIFYING mirror, enables great convenience for you to look into details to make things right

5.the durable material is BRASS you can hardly break, a mirror for dozens of years of use.

4.The halo light design around the perimeter of the mirror,you can turn on /off if necessary.

5.The arm is up to 11 inches, can be extended according to your needed.

6.Power Cord length is 5ft and you could cut it to HARDWIRE when you don’t like plug.

7.Easy to install comes complete with screw fixings.

8.No more bulb replacements – comes with a long lasting built-in 50 PIECES LEDS STRIP


Please kindly note the LED light is not designed for a lamp use, it only provides a more brightness view for your makeup, So make up mirrors should be used WITH the aid of other ROOM LIGHTING.

PROCESS:Chrome Finish

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Easy install and 10x magnification a bit too much for me. Wife loved it though I bought the brushed nickle 10x magnification model for my wife. We already had an really unlit cheap Ikea one that sort of worked but she saw a mirror like this at a hotel in Vegas and said she wanted one like that.The 10x magnification is very powerful but you have to keep your face about 1-2 inches away from it otherwise it will go out of focus. She likes that, I do not. I can’t see any hair on my ears as it’s too far away from my face. As turn to see my ears, it all goes out of focus…

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