Five Magpies Wall Jewelry Organizer Round Mirror for Hanging Your Necklaces & Bracelets, Ring Holder, Dangle Earrings – Matte Gold with Hooks 13″

Round Gold Mirror -Wall jewelry organizer hanging 13″ diameter. Five magpies was born of group of young girls who live on the Gold Coast in Australia…they love all things beach, adventures, trends and room décor. But they couldn’t stand how all their jewellery always ended up in a huge mess of knots in their drawers (or on their floors). Their bedrooms were short on space, so they knew the wall was the best place, but everything out there for sale was SO ugly! Their answer was simple… they decided to create their very own product (with a little help from their moms). They designed a super cute gold mirror where they could hang all their jewelry in style, working with a manufacturer to make it to their exact specifications. After a year of hard work, its finally ready and live on Amazon! We hope you like it. Aly – 14 Kira – 13 Emery – 12 Oshen – 11 & Mama Magpie Our Jewelry organizer mirror will help you organize your accessories: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, scarves in style. Our products all hang on the wall because we’ve found that it is the best way to free up the space on top of your dressers, counter tops, and in your drawers! Five Magpies products are designed for girls who don’t just want to get organised, they want cute room décor! Each item is designed from scratch and made with quality materials to last. We think our round brass mirror makes the perfect graduation gift, birthday gift, Christmas gift and present for any teen girl. Messy Tangled jewelry…Are your necklaces always stuck together? Can you never find the matching earring? Why stack your rings on a ring holder when they look so much cuter on our wall mounted jewelry rack filled with hooks! Organize and display all of your dangle earrings, layered necklaces, bracelets, and everything else in one cute place!.

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