BlueMake Hanging Wall Mirror with Macrame Handmade Home Decoration Living Room Bedroom Corridor (D)

Material: cotton and mirror.
Color: ivory white.
Package: 1 piece.
Dimensions: The total diameter including the stripes is 16.53 in.
Features:this modern, elegant wall mirror is a gorgeous decoration for any part of your bedroom or home.
It will look great on different types of walls.Bring some bohemian décor to your home.
Our elegant mirrors are perfect for your living room, bedroom, hallway and will illuminate any home décor.
The mirror comes with a hook that makes it easy to hang wall hooks or screws. (You need to assemble the hook yourself, there are accessories)
Buy your hanging mirror today and immediately increase your interest in any room in your home.
Pls Kindly Note:There is a protective film on the surface of the mirror, please tear it before usage to ensure its high definition.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    FUN HOUSE MIRROR Just to confirm this is the circular mirror in the middle with no “long” hanging macrame. Unfortunately this is not a real mirror , it has a warped fun mirror effect but for what I was needing it for .. it works … the macrame is very pretty but you look into the mirror and your face is warped . I thought for the price it would be a legit mirror but unfortunately I was wrong . I placed it high enough to where “most” people will not be able to see how bad it is…. the other two small mirrors…

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