BIGTEDDY – 6″ French Cleat Picture Hangers Hardware Kit Mount Aluminum Z Clips Hanging Mounting Bracket for Mirror Photo Shelf and Cabinet (3Pairs with Screws and Anchors)

Installation Guide and Tips
All the hardware are included with the package already. But there are something to may need to pay attantion to.
1. You will need an electric drill, screwdriver and also a level ( I personally download one from mobile application)
2. Drill hole for anchors and screws, which is easy
3. The shorter nail is about 15mm long. The aluminum cleats is 3mm thick. So there are 12mm ( 0.47″) of the nail will go into the frame or the thing you need to hang
4. This example is best to direct downward pressure. If you want to hang or mount a small shelf. I strongly recommend a longer nail.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I bought these to hang a heavy piece of artwork – the “canvas” was a circular hardwood table top, probably ~ 35 lbs.I used (3) brackets, which I think is probably excessive, but since I was only able to land one hole in one bracket on a stud (based on where I wanted this installed) and I was unsure of how good/rated the included drywall anchors were, I went with (3) brackets. Next timeI’ll buy a single longer bracket based on what I’m trying to hang, since lining them up is the only part…

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