Amanti Art On The Full Length Outer Size 19 x 53 Door/Wall Mirror, Corvino White: 19×53

This high quality, 100% real wood full length mirror complements your decor without the need for unsightly “over the door” brackets. Our On The Door Mirror comes with two hooks to hang directly on your door without additional anchors or brackets. With a 14 x 48″ viewing area, it gives you a full image either on the back of a door or on the wall as a standard full length mirror. It features a contemporary white frame with a flat surface and a slightly recessed inner lip. The smooth, matte finish will provide a modern look to any room. This mirror is handmade in a small custom art and frame shop in the American heartland – you can be proud to display it in your home. – – Details: – – Title: On The Door Full Length Wall Mirror, Corvino White – Product type: Framed mirror – Style: Contemporary – Format: Horizontal/Vertical – Size: Oversize – Subject: Door/Wall Mirror – Frame: Corvino Satin White 2 3/4″ Wood – Image dimensions: 48 inches high x 14 inches wide – Outside dimensions: 53.13 inches high x 19.13 inches wide x 0.969 inches deep – –

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